• If you complete the program, complete all the challenges, give it 100% and make a commitment to transforming your life…the program is 100% FREE!! 
  • That’s right! Finish the program and we will refund your program fee IN FULL at the end of the program.


“But why?” I hear you asking. Well, because the 100 Lunches movement is all about giving value. We genuinely want to see as many people as possible transform their lives, lead a more fulfilling existence and change the world for the better!

We're prepared to commit our time, our expertise and experience if you’re prepared to make a commitment to taking the steps necessary to create real, sustainable change in your life. 

We’ll be asking you to pay a “deposit” as a demonstration of your commitment. Complete the program and we’ll give it back to you at the end. Yes, all of it. 

Not happy after Week one? Program not for you? No problem, let us know and we’ll refund your  money - no questions asked. After Week 1, we’re assuming you’re in till the end. If you don’t finish, you don’t get your money back. If you do, this course is... FREE!


Program and Pricing

. You’ll be joining a group of motivated, inspiring people who are ready to get the life they know they deserve! Here’s what you can expect:


Pre-session You’ll be allocated to Team Kaley or Team John and have a 1-on-1 initial discussion to set your goals for the program. That way, we can help you get the maximum benefit. We want you to shine! 


Session 1 What do you want to be known for?

Do you have a compelling vision for your life; what are your values; what’s your mission? 

In this session we’ll explore what lights up your soul and makes you feel truly fulfilled.

With your purpose clearly defined and always in focus, you bring out your inner genius, aligning your values, expectations and behaviours to achieve the outcomes you want most in life.

#100lunches6wtc Your first challenge will get you out of your comfort zone and making some quick progress! Post your intro video and tell us your top 3 goals for the next 6 weeks!


Session 2 Your network is your net worth! 

Having a great network is one of the secrets to success and the key to getting everything you’ve ever wanted. Drawing on Kaley’s extraordinary 100 Lunches experience, we’re going to show you how to connect like never before! 




Session 3 Talk your way to success

Whether you're in business for yourself or building your career, the ability to communicate makes all the difference. Learn the fundamentals of great communication in every situation. Have better, more meaningful conversations and make deeper connections.



Session 4 Speak like a star!

Want to take you speaking to the next level. Want to promote yourself, your business, your product or service much more effectively? In this session, we’ll stretch your speaking skills and take them onto the stage!



Session 5 Strategies for success

Whether you are looking for your first job, want to climb the corporate ladder, start your own business or grow the one you already have - there are secrets to success! Join your tribe for this session and get all the inside info you’ll need to succeed.




Session 6 Maintaining Momentum

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve learnt so much on this journey and transformed your life in the process. Don’t stop now! In this session we’ll help you set your goals for the next 90 days so you can implement and sustain the changes you’ve made. The new YOU is just beginning! 

#100lunches6wtc Post a momentum video every week in the FB community. What have you ticked off your goal list, what new experience did you have, what did you learn?


Plus we’ll have a heap of random challenges along the way to make it even more fun!


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