One connection

           can change your life

I’m an author, motivational speaker

and people connector.

I used to suffer from crippling shyness. One day, it was so bad, I froze when a client asked me a question – in front of my boss!. I was humiliated, so I decided something had to change. My solution? Have lunch with 100 strangers. What came next completely changed my life.

Since that painful day, I’ve published a book and given a TEDx talk about my journey. Now, I speak all over Australia to motivate others to step out of their comfort zone, connect with
people and live a more fulfilling life.

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100 Lunches With Strangers   

A simple way to step out of your comfort zone and transform your life.

100 Lunches with Strangers explains how I transformed from shy and insecure to confident and ready to take on any challenge. I share 15 lessons I learned along the way, as well as the exact letter and message templates I used to invite my strangers to lunch.
Available in paperback and ebook