100 Lunches With Strangers –

A Simple Way To Transform Your Life

A talk that will expand your idea of what’s possible and inspire you to take action.


Kaley’s presentations are loved by audiences of all kinds – business people, entrepreneurs, women’s groups, immigrants, schools, sales teams, managers, team leaders… In fact, anybody who wants to get out of their comfort zone, unleash their hidden potential and change their destiny!


With Kaley’s unique authentic and engaging style, you’ll learn 15 powerful lessons from Kaley’s 100 lunches challenge as well as how to:


  • Be more confident

  • Overcome your limiting beliefs

  • Get out of your comfort zone

  • Cultivate a Growth Mindset

  • Build a stronger network to help you achieve anything

  • Overcome the fear of rejections

  • Open up a world of opportunities

  • Deal with judgement

  • Connect with new people and new opportunities and

  • Transform and enrich your life!


Kaley is a thought leader with a down-to-earth, everyday manner. Her inspirational story has the power to cut through and encourage immediate, life-changing action.


Kaley tailors every presentation to the specific audience, so it’s a prefect fit for:

  • Virtual events

  • Women’s organisations

  • Associations

  • Sales conferences

  • Leadership events

  • Students

  • Immigrants etc.


Have a particular theme for your event, key messages you want convey, behaviours you want to reinforce? Kaley can tailor her presentation to suit and ensure that it is in line with your strategic and corporate objectives.


Ask how Kaley can add enormous value to your next event.


“From silent awe to outbursts of laughter Kaley Chu captured the attention of every participant as she shared her 100 Lunches with Strangers story, at the HRIA Women in Hire Program (WIH). Kaley’s natural warmth, sense of humour, authentic style and unique story was compelling. Thank you, Kaley, for inspiring each of us to step outside our comfort zone. We look forward to warmly welcoming you again at future events.”

 - Aileen Hiskins Managing Director at Strategic Alignment Training


“Thanks Kaley for delivering such an incredible keynote presentation at our Conference. Not surprisingly it scored the highest rating from our members. Your story is testament that we really can change our destiny. Yes, you need to be incredibly courageous and yes you also need to be very committed to sticking to a plan, but you have shown that we can all do it! Your keynote and book should be mandatory reading for all school-leavers to better prepare them for all that life can offer PLUS anyone employed in a job that has a sales component. There has never been a more unique prospecting initiative and how when it’s done right, it can transform you and the potential of your business.”

 - Michael Russell Managing Director at Money Quest



‘Kaley has the most unique combination of charisma and authenticity, as she captivated the room through sharing her very personal story, followed by an intimate live Q&A session. She was insightful and engaging, offering pragmatic advice on how to approach networking and relationship building.


Kaley is not your usual cardboard cut-out keynote speaker; her natural charm comes without pretention. She is particularly inspirational to those who struggle with shyness and introversion, her subtle confidence serves as proof of what is possible after “100 lunches with strangers”.’

 - Jeffrey Wang, Sydney Professional Development Forum



“Kaley’s story about how she conquered her inexperience and inner fears to go out and network to the world resonated with all in attendance. Kaley’s natural presentation style and ability to connect with her audience was outstanding. I highly recommend Kaley for any business looking to motivate their teams to go out and build new networks.”

 - Gerald Foley Managing Director at National Mortgage Brokers

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