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Popular keynote speaker Kaley Chu in Australia

Keynote & Motivational Speaking

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A talk that will expand your idea of what’s possible and inspire you to take action. Kaley’s presentations are loved by audiences of all kinds – business people, entrepreneurs, women’s groups, immigrants, schools, sales teams, managers, team leaders… In fact, anybody who wants to get out of their comfort zone, unleash their hidden potential and change their destiny!


Kaley will tailor her presentation for your specific audience, so it’s a perfect fit for:

  • Virtual or face to face events

  • Women’s organisations

  • Associations

  • Sales conferences

  • Leadership seminars

  • Students

  • Immigrants

Do you have a theme you want to highlight, messages you want to emphasise or behaviours you want to reinforce? If so, Kaley will tailor her presentation so it meets your objectives.

Ask how Kaley can add enormous value to your next event.

You’ll learn 15 powerful lessons from Kaley’s 100 lunches challenge, as well as how to:

  • Overcome your fear of rejection

  • Deal with judgement

  • Conquer your limiting beliefs

  • Be more confident

  • Build an incredible network

  • Open up a world of opportunity

  • Step out of your comfort zone

  • Transform and enrich your life

Kaley is a thought leader with a down-to-earth, everyday manner. Her inspirational story has the power to cut through and encourage immediate, life-changing action.

Female asian public keynote speaker talks about diversity and equality
Public speaker in Australia sharing diversity, speak up culture and mindset empowerment
Ted speaker in Australia presenting speech about confidence and speak up culture in organisation

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Melbourn Australia female asian public motivation speaker


Kaley was a very engaging speaker and very generously shared with us her journey from crippling shyness to becoming a confident public speaker and people connector and motivator through her 100 Lunches with Strangers project. She demonstrated the immense value of stepping out of one's comfort zone and expanding one's network and provided extremely helpful tips for networking that would be relevant for all, particularly for the lawyers from foreign backgrounds that our initiative aims to assist.

Kaley's passion for reaching as many people as possible about this life changing means of creating opportunities for oneself and in the course of it, living one's life fully, was clear from her conversation with us. Her genuineness and honesty, as well as kindness in answering questions from our audience, shone through and was much appreciated.

We are very glad to have had the chance to have Kaley join us on this occasion and wish to express our heartfelt thanks to her for doing so.

molina dp.jfif

Molina Asthana

National Vice President at Asian Australian Lawyers Association 


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