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© 2019 by Kaley Chu.

My 100 lunches with Strangers Project

by kaley chu


how i started

“A simple lunch could lead to a million things”. 

In 2018 I set myself a challenge: To have lunch with 100 strangers. Not only did I complete this challenge, but I took all the unexpected lessons from my lunches and poured them into a book.


Having the 100 lunches with strangers was an incredible journey, and writing about the experience has been another. It allowed me to relive all the amazing conversations, realisations and of course, food!



My biggest lesson – every meeting with a stranger is an opportunity to learn and transform your life! Don’t be afraid of the word strangers, I invited more than 100 people to lunch, and after this experience I have 100 fewer strangers in the world, and so much more depth and meaning in my life and relationships. “A simple lunch can lead to million things”. 


It is by getting our of our comfort zone that we truly grow, and uncomfortable I was. I started the year struggling to converse or present to clients and I knew if I wanted to go further in my career, something had to shift.

who is kaley chu

Learning, growing and contributing

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I came to Australia for my education and other opportunities in 2007. With my friends and family 7500km away, my confidence smashed and took me a decade to rebuild.



Like many stories of transformation, I had an 'a  ha' moment that inspired me to seek more - my new year resolutions in 2018 - Lunch with 100 strangers. When I first set the challenge, my intention was to improve my communication and conversational skills. I wasn't expecting it to change my life - but it did.


What a difference a year can make!



I'm now determined to help others get out of their comfort zone, connect with people and have a better, more fulfilled life. 

My lessons

"Lunch with a stranger could change your life"

100 Lunches With Strangers is essentially 15 lessons that detail my transformation, from quiet and reserved, into confident and ready to take on any challenge.


Each chapter is a new lesson and covers some deep topics such as fear, mindset, diversity, patterns, judgements, understanding yourself and so much more.


Each lesson also comes with prompts to get you thinking, and I also share the exact letter I used to ask my strangers to lunch. I hope that after reading how this experience changed my life, you will be inspired to also broaden your own horizons and make some life changing connections.

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"The power of networking on display. Kaley shows us that life begins at the end of your comfort zone with her book 100 Lunches. This is a smart and entertaining story detailing Kaley's personal journey, and each chapter contains useful learnings, tips, reminders and insights you will find useful to your own life. Nothing ventured, nothing gained - give it a read.” 

— Kim Booth, Career and Performance Coach​


“Kaley has uniquely combined entertainment, knowledge and efficiency in
an inspirational manual that is easy for everyone to read. Her personality
shines through her words which ultimately creates a caring core that
is different from all other inspirational guides. 100% recommend.”

— Vinay Samuel Entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Zetaris

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