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Yes, I’m ready to commit to this program to grow my confidence,

build my network and reach my potential!

Here's What You'll Get...
•    1:1 coaching session with Kaley Chu to set up your goals and design a personal plan
•    4 weekly live, interactive classes on Zoom with Kaley Chu
•    Signed copy of '100 Lunches with Strangers' physical book 
•    Access to eBook, cheat sheets, videos and more! 
•    Fun Weekly Challenges to push you out of your comfort zone
•    Recordings Of All Lessons 

•    Lifetime Access To Our Supportive Community & Private Facebook Group

•    Amazing prizes to be won such as Skydiving Voucher

      (Worth $429, sponsored by Skydive Australia) + many more amazing sponsors!


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Kaley Chu

Author / TEDx speaker/ Coach

From a shy immigrant to a published author and a TEDx speaker

From living in fear to living with passion

From Lunch solo to Lunch with CEOs, billionaires and celebrities

Kaley has done them all in 2 years and she can show you how! 

Kaley has been featured in major newspapers, radio and TV all over the world as a trusted confidence and networking coach


Anthony Huynh,
Melbourne, Australia

I’ve had the absolute pleasure to be a part of Kaley’s 100 lunches confidence challenge! I’ve told a few people she is one of my heroes in life!! You have mainstream influencers like TonyRobbins, Les Brown, Jay Shetty who you are also inspired by but someone you know and have met face to face who inspires you is something different! :D That’s Kaley for me! Her course is amazing! Confidence is something I’ve always been looking to improve in my life and I’ve found a challenge that has taken me out of my comfort zone, built up my confidence even higher and learn how to build your network and genuine connections. The people I have met through this challenge are also some good friends of mine!.


Lili Boyanova ,
United Kingdom

The experience was so much more than what I expected. I feel more confident, more resilient, and more joyful every day. I have so much more meaning in my life - I am involved in new paid and volunteering work with global leaders helping them make the world a better place. I am writing a book, I am running, I am mentoring others, and so much more. Most importantly, I am the best mother to my 3 year old son I can be. One connection can change your life, and the best thing is that after 100 connections, you realise that you can change others' life too


Thuan Pham
Melbourne Australia

With Kaley’s 100 Lunches 6 Weeks Transformation Challenge I have been able to overcome my biggest fear which is talking to girls and overcoming my shyness. I wasn’t able to talk to this gorgeous girl in the office since October 2020 but now I can and didn’t realise it was that easy. Thanks Kaley Chu. You’re awesome.


Sharlene Cruz
Melbourne Australia

Kaley is such an authentic and inspiring individual. She genuinely cares and is really dedicated to helping others find confidence in themselves.
Being inspired by Kaley's journey, I undertook this program to challenge myself to further come out of my comfort zone and step into my journey as a coach and healer. Since week one, there's been so many treasures that I learnt and the integration activities for each week have continued to further challenge me and I've found myself gaining more confidence to courageously reach out and genuinely connect with others and build my network and gain more friendships and connections.
This program has also allowed me to be a part of a community of like minded people and we hold each other accountable. I am grateful to have met Kaley and to have undertaken this journey with her! It's helping me transform how I courageously show up for myself, trusting in my abilities and skills. I've also noticed that it has such a rippling effect as my confidence grows I've started to inspire those around me to also start a journey to gain more confidence in themselves 🙂

Any questions? Book a time and talk to me! 


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