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100 Lunches

100 Lunches

6 Week Transformation Challenge

It’s time to UPGRADE your LIFE !

If you sometimes feel like you’re not living your life to its full potential, join us for a jam-packed program full of strategies, tips and stories to help you


 Not just survive

Find your true potential

Confident Communicator

Communicate even if you are speaking a foreign language

Be Confortable with your own identity

Build a network of connections

Be confortable with your own identity and live your life being authentically you 

Network you need to get your dream job, climb  the corporate leader, start and grow your business change the world

100 Lunches 6 Week


You’ll join Kaley and John for a powerful session every week that will help you get the right mindset, develop your skills and put it all into practice with fun challenges to stretch you out of your comfort zone and create the momentum you need to make lasting change in your life!

Live Video Sessions

Your live coaching sessions with John and Kaley with heaps of valuable content and all the tools you’ll need to succeed.

Online Community

Members-only private FB group to help keep
you motivated and accountable. Ask questions, get support!

Fun Weekly Challenges

 Every week we’ll set some FUN challenges to keep you
moving toward your goals.

Free eBook Cheatsheets

You’ll have access to e-books and cheat sheets and much more!

Win great prizes!

You’ll have the chance to win great prizes in both the team
and individual challenges.


Parallel Lines


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Kaley Chu

Author / TEDx speaker/ Coach

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  • Author of 100 Lunches with Strangers

  • TEDx and Keynote speaker

  • Originally from Hong Kong and migrated to Australia

  • Featured in newspaper, radio and TV